We’ll Be The Fire – Pete Murray

“We’ll always find our way home again”

At times I wonder, “Where is home?” for me. I feel like I have two homes, Yeppoon will always be my one true home. It’s where I grew up, I spent the first 20 years of my life there. Brisbane is now where I call home. Where I’ve spent 14 (non consecutive) years. Previously, Tampa was my second home. You can’t spend 6 years in a place and not have it feel like home. When I was living in Tampa, I was always “Going home to visit family” (back in Australia) And then when it was time to return to Tampa I was “Going back home, back to reality”. I miss my Tampa “home”, but I am so happy to be back in Brisbane, closer to family, closer to “home”.

Listen to more of Pete Murray’s tune here on Spotify.

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