Dua Lipa – Genesis (Acoustic)

I first heard Dua Lipa back in 2015 when she released her first single “New Love”. I remember thinking, “This girl is going places”. Fast forward four years later, Dua is currently one of the biggest artists, snagging award after award and setting records, all with debut album. Dua is undoubtedly a star! Where I think she shines best, is stripped back, acoustic. Not only is she a vocal powerhouse, her raspy soulful voice makes you feel every emotion.

“Genesis” is one of my favorite tracks on Dua’s debut, self titled album; I personally regard it as the album of 2017 and I still play it on the regular two years later. Listen to the acoustic version of “Genesis” below.

It’s also worth mentioning the acoustic version of “Scared To Be Lonely”, Dua’s record with Martin Garrix (listen here).

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