Supernova – Dylan Rockoff

Since moving into my new apartment, I’ve been making it a habit to sit out on my balcony most nights and just stare into the night sky. It takes my back to my childhood, laying on the trampoline in the backyard trying to spot shooting stars. Tonight was a clear night, stars shining brightly, I couldn’t help but think, “there seemed to be more stars when I was younger”. Maybe it’s a matter of perspective, everything seems so much bigger and brighter when you’re a kid. Then again, maybe a lot of stars have burned out.

And then I played this song, Supernova by Dylan Rockoff; he sings about not wanting to spread himself thin, breaking his back to keep too many friends. It just seemed like the perfect analogy. As I kid and even as a young adult I always felt the need to be surrounded by a big group of friends. However, in my late 20’s for whatever reason(s) my friendship circle tightened; there are less stars in the sky, but those that are there still shine brightly.

Listen to more of Dylan Rockoff’s tunes here on Spotify.

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