Found – Jacob Banks

The other day one of my friends asked me if I’m enjoying being back in Brisbane. Do I plan on staying long? Am I bored yet? I had to laugh, because I feel like I’m still finding myself here. Brisbane has changed so much in 6 years. And when I say that, Brisbane as a city has evolved on so many levels; one of those being the food scene. It’s come leaps and bounds in the time I was away. There’s so many cool and trendy cafes and restaurants I have earmarked to check out.

Also, in my time away I grew a greater appreciation for the outdoors, specifically hiking. I didn’t realize how many national parks are right at my doorstop here or within a short drive.

So what I’ve found is a new love for Brisbane. It’s like I’m falling in love with it all over again. Which is exciting. I look forward to the day when my friends from America can come to visit and I can show them why I love this city.

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