3 gigs in 3 days

Anyone that knows me that I love nothing more then going to live shows. I’ve been known to buy a single seat ticket at the last minute to a concert, just because. To me there’s no greater feeling then being surrounded by a room full of people watching artists pour their heart, soul and all their emotions into a performance. In the last three days, I was fortunate enough to see two concerts and one stage show musical. Three very different performances, which again, if you know me, won’t be a shock, my taste in music is very eclectic.

X Ambassadors kicked things off on Saturday night, playing at the Franklin Music Hall in Philadelphia. X Ambassadors are band who I’ve seen live previously and every time I see them they give even more energy and passion then the time before. Lead singer, Sam Harris has an incredible range and hits every note, every time. On top of that he is bouncing all over stage with the stage presence and persona very reminiscent of the the late Freddy Mercury. If X Ambassadors are ever playing in your city, go see them, you won’t be disappointed.

Sunday was the matinee performance of the much beloved stage show, Hamilton at Philadelphia’s Forrest Theater. Loved among critics and fans, I will admit, I was extremely nervous about the show living up to the enormous hype that has surrounded it. I am happy to report it blew my expectations out of the water. From the opening number, until the finale, it was such an amazing experience. It truly is deserving of all the accolades and high praises. It’s one of those shows that will be around for years to come, a must see.

And last night was Elton John, at the Amalie Arena in Tampa. Elton John was a singer that was played in our household when I was growing up. After seeing the brilliant Rocketman earlier this year I knew I had to do whatever it took to see him, especially since it’s his farewell tour and may be my only chance. Performing an almost 3 hour, set that included his numerous hits, spanning 50 years, I’m so glad I made the effort. He was phenomenal. A true icon and a showman of the highest caliber. Some of my favourite moments were when Elton and the band just jammed out, getting lost in the music.

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