You Still Think Of Me – Jordin Sparks

Ok, it’s been a minute since I posted here, so the song selection is a little tongue and cheek. Firstly, a quick recap, I moved back to Australia after living in Florida, USA for 6 years. Completed two weeks of hotel quarantine. Reconnected with family and friends. Bought an apartment (condo for those in the US/Canada). Bought a car. Joined a gym. Hired a trainer. Continue to work for the same US company, so I’m now juggling timezones.

So this song is extra special to me. Back in 2015, my twin brother came over to the States to visit and we traveled together for 2 weeks. One of our stops was Nashville and we were fortunate enough to make it to the legendary Bluebird Cafe. That night was a “camp fire session”, where four artists sat in a circle and took turns performing songs. One of those artists was Lisa Goe. Long story short, I was blown away by her immense talent, charm and charisma. Over the years I’ve followed her career and unofficially run her fan club (#1 fan).

Lisa has had a lot of “almost moments” over the last 5-6 years, until now. “You Still Think Of Me” is a track that Lisa co-wrote, Jordin Sparks, of American Idol fame, recorded it and now here it is for the World to hear. I’m so incredibly happy and proud for my friend Lisa. She is one of the most determined and hard working individuals I know; not to mention a phenomenal songwriter (and singer). So this success is long overdue. I know this is just the beginning for her and I hope if you are reading this, you’ll look her up on the streaming platforms of your choice and give her some listens and some love.


Jordin Sparks: Spotify
Lisa Goe: Spotify

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