Rise – Lost Frequencies

Today officially marks the one year anniversary of Australia going into lockdown. To see it’s been a tough, crazy, challenging and unpredictable year is an understatement. Over the last 7+ years, the gym has been my sanctuary, the place I go each day to decompress after the days work. I put my music on and just go for an hour. Covid put a stop to that, so it was home workouts. Whilst I initially had the drive and enthusiasm to continue my daily fitness routine, the commitment began to wane.

It wasn’t until late January when I felt comfortable getting back into the gym. But since I took that first step, I have been consistently showing up at least 5 times a week. I won’t lie, it has been a struggle. The first few weeks hurt. But 60 days later and I’m back in the zone and loving it. Sometimes you just have to dig deep and RISE!

Listen to more of Lost Frequencies’ tunes here on Spotify.

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