Harry Styles – Falling

I’m someone who will always give credit where credit is due. I wasn’t a fan of Harry Style’s first album. I just didn’t “get it”. It didn’t resonate with me, for whatever reason. However, when he started the campaign for his follow up album by dropping the single, “Lights Up”, he got my attention and I was genuinely excited to hear the rest of the album. Follow up singles, “Watermelon High” and “Adore You” were equally impressive.

Upon first listen of the album, “Fine Line” (which I thoroughly enjoy as a body of work. There are definite moments of brilliance) in it’s entirety, one song jumped out for me, the heartbreaking ballad, “Falling”. I’m not sure if Harry is a fan of Stereophonics, but I get hints of them on this track and sprinkled across the entire album.

After falling (pun intended) for this album, I went back and revisited his debut album and I have to admit, there were a handful of songs that I enjoyed.

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