Music has always been a big part of my life. One of my earliest memories is of my Mum carefully lowering the needle on the vinyl to play one of her favorite records, The Beatles, Carol King, Fleetwood Mac, and Cher. Another was when we would all pack into the family car, roll down the windows and sing-a-long to whatever cassette was playing. Later we would create our own mix tapes by recording songs from the radio. Getting a Walkman meant music freedom, I could listen to whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted to. I still remember when we upgraded our entertainment system and the new one included a CD player. Being able to instantly skip to your favorite song was a game changer. Eventually my brother and I would get our own CD/tape deck for the room we shared. We would sit in our room for hours on end listening to the latest music, studying the lyrics so we could sing along. Eventually we would get the Internet and was introduced to Napster, my music world exploded!

Music has always been there, happy moments and sad times. Soundtracks to Summer vacations spent over at the Islands. Long drives to visit our Nana. The road trip to the Coast when I graduated from University. The passing of my cousin. When friendships have ended. Lonely nights in a new city. I can always turn to music to help me feel.

I’ve even said, if I had to choose between eyesight or hearing, I would prefer to keep my hearing. A world without music, is not a world I want to be in.

I listen to a lot of music and often get asked, what are you listening to? Who are the new singers, artists, bands I should be paying attention to? So this is my attempt to share with the world the music that I enjoy, the music that moves me, the music that makes me feel something. I hope you enjoy!

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