Robbie Williams – Nan’s Song – RIP Gran

Dedicated to my Gran who passed away over the weekend. She radiated so much love and light, she was the epitome of joy and happiness.

My most favorite memory of my Gran was the time I was walking home from the school bus stop. My grandparents lived one block away from our place and every morning and afternoon, Gran was there to say hi or to wave from her front verandah. This one afternoon a big Saint Bernard escaped its yard and “attacked” me. I was about 6 or 7 at the time, so I’m not sure if it was attacking me or just coming to say hi. Regardless, I was petrified and stood there screaming and crying as it jumped all around me barking.

Out of nowhere, faster then The Flash and 10 feet tall this person raced to my side and scared the giant beast away. Or that’s how I remember it. It was my Gran! Gran would have been in her 60’s at the time and maybe 5 foot nothing. But to me she was a Superhero and she always will be.

Because they lived just down the road, we would spend a large portion of our childhood and teenage years with her and Grandad. Watching Mary Poppins and The Sound Of Music. Helping her bake cakes, cookies and all sorts of delicious sweet treats. In later years, we would help with the grocery shopping, cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, trimming trees and keep the gardens tidy. It was never a chore to help Gran and Grandad.

She wasn’t just a Gran to me, she was so much more, more then words could ever convey. Whilst she may have left this life, she will always remain in my heart.

And now she lives in heaven
But I know they let her out
To take care of me
There’s a strange kind of light
Caressing me tonight
Pray silence my fear
She is near
Bringing heaven down here

I miss you already Gran… I will love you forever xo
RIP Gran | Jan 27, 1927 – Jun 30, 2019

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