Dua Lipa – Don’t Start Now

If you aren’t on the Dua Lipa train yet… it’s time to book your ticket and get on board! I’ve been a fan since the minute I heard her track “New Love“, back in 2015. I knew instantly that she was destined for greatness.

I remember being at a club and asking the DJ to play anything by Dua Lipa and all I got back was a blank stare and the response, “Dua who?”. Me: “UGH! It’s Dua Lipa! She’s going to be a star!” It took a few years, but she’s been dominating the charts and the awards and I couldn’t be happier or prouder.

Fast forward five years and we’re entering the era of DL2. If “Don’t Start Now” is any indication, we’re in for a treat. I love the direction she’s going, evolving and maturing, playing with new sounds and genres.

So if you haven’t heard her new track… what are you waiting for? START NOW!

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