Sara Bareilles – Gravity

This past Sunday I saw Sara Bareilles live in concert and was absolutely blown away. Not only does she have a phenomenal voice, she has such a beautiful, kind and caring soul. She is one of two performers that I’ve ever seen, who personally comes out and introduces their opening act (the other being Jason Mraz).

Accompanied by guitars, drums, piano/keys and strings, everything was played live, something that is very rare these days and something that should be applauded. The set design was stunning and unique, the lighting and smoke, subtle but spellbinding. Hands down, it has been one of my most favorite concerts this year (and I’ve seen a few *cough* 26 – and counting)!

I will admit, up until her most recent album, Amidst the Chaos (which is a MUST listen), I have never owned or listened to a full Sara Bareilles album. I’ve always enjoyed the singles she has released and LOVE the work she has done on the Broadway hit, Waitress. After the concert, she’s all I have listened to, diving deep into our back catalogue of albums and songs; there’s so much depth, passion, emotion, positivity, power and vulnerability in her music and I’m ashamed I am only just now discovering this.

There were so many amazing and incredible moments of the concert for me, but the Award for most Goosebumps goes to Gravity, when Sara hits that note! Oh man! It was worth the admission just for that one song.

Like Darren Hayes, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, and P!nk, Sara is an artist I will see every single tour from now on, I’m a fan! If Sara is EVER touring your city, GO SEE HER!!! You will not be disappointed (I promise). And she is one of the funniest and wittiest singers I’ve ever seen, her in-between song banter was hilarious!

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