Songs of 2020

As I’m sure most would realize by now, I have an eclectic taste in music and I take pride in listening to as much music I can get into my ears. I enjoy discovering new artists and songs through various mediums, blogs an recommendations from friends. I unearth a lot of new music from the different Spotify playlists that get updated each week, New Music Playlist (US and the AU/NZ lists), Release Radar and Discover Weekly. The last two are playlists specifically curated for me by Spotify’s algorithms, based on my listening habits, the artists I follow and albums/songs I save to my Library. Having been a dedicated Spotify user for over 3 years now, these personalized playlists have an extremely good gauge on what I like.

Throughout the year I’ve been putting songs that grab my attention into a 2020 playlist. There’s over 37 hours worth of songs in the list already! Whenever I want to variety in songs, I load it up and hit Shuffle. So here it is if anyone wants to dive in…

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